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What to Do if Your Cat is Constipated


Nobody likes being constipated. It's an uncomfortable and sometimes painful experience that seemingly lasts forever with no end in sight. Constipation is quite common in cats and can be pretty frustrating for them. One of your responsibilities as a cat owner is to help them when they feel constipated! It's essential to familiarize yourself with the methods and tips to get your cat pooping healthily again!


Dieting is Key

Like humans, constipation is often caused by poor dietary habits. Your cat will have trouble pooping if they aren't getting the nutrition they need for a healthy digestive system. Dehydration contributes significantly to constipation, and your cat must get enough fluids if they want to poop regularly and easily. Cats are natural carnivores and don't require any fiber in their diet, though a little bit can help. Fiber is present in most modern cat food, so make sure to include that to help their digestion. Lastly, they may be suffering from food allergies which constipates them, so consider changing their source of protein!

Exercise and Stress Relief

Stress and anxiety are also leading causes of constipation in cats, so it's essential to know how to manage their emotions for a healthy digestive system. Exercise is a fantastic way to keep your cat occupied and stress-free. For most cats, exercise is fun and can be done during playtime. It also has the added benefit of maintaining a healthy body, so they can pass their bowels more easily. Figure out their stressors, and eliminate or mitigate them as much as possible!

Probiotics and Laxatives

The final method of helping your cat beat its constipation is through supplements. Probiotics are good bacteria that help your cat's stomach stay healthy. They will help their intestines move their poop and keep it soft to avoid getting stuck there. Laxatives are a more extreme measure that will almost always work. It collects water from the intestines and softens their stool to the point where they absolutely have to poop. Before giving your feline companion some laxatives, you should consult your local vet to see what they recommend as the best course of action!



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