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Dogs Can Get Cataracts Too! What You Need to Know


Fundamentally, dogs see the world in very much the same way we do. That similarity remains true with the eye diseases we suffer from. In the case of cataracts, dogs can lose their vision if the condition progresses quicker than you can react. As soon as you see a difference in your dog’s quality of vision: contact your local veterinarian to get your pup back on track! 


Below you will find basic causes for canine cataracts


What Are Canine Cataracts? 

As our dogs age, they become vulnerable to cataract growth. The most obvious symptom is the development of a cloudy film that will eventually engulf the eye and block out light. This occurs due to proteins in the eye clumping together forming this visible cloud over our pet’s eyes. 

Cataracts can sometimes be inconsistent and shocking. One day your dog can see, and almost overnight a cataract can appear and cause your dog to go blind. However, this is not always the case, and most dogs will face a slow decline in their vision as the cataract proteins continue to accumulate over the lens. 


Ultimately, you can’t stop cataracts from developing, but you can help preserve your dog’s vision by monitoring your dog’s behavior and eye condition. Always take your pooch to the vet if you notice any changes to your dog’s eyes. 

We’ll Help Treat Your Dog’s Cataracts at Veterinary Care Unlimited

Seeing our companions lose their sight as they age is heartbreaking, but it doesn't have to be the case. At Veterinary Care Unlimited, we are fully equipped to examine and take out your dog’s cataracts. We know the thought of surgery can be stressful, but our team is well experienced and dedicated to ensuring your pup comes out seeing the beauty of the world once again. For more


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