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Understanding Bad Breath and Gum Disease In Dogs


We all know our pups love to give our faces kisses! But when our dogs are suffering from bad breath, that sign of affection can quickly transform into a terribly smelly experience. Sadly, bad breath is staggering common and is due to dental health neglect. Gum disease is nothing to ignore, if your dog has rancid breath, read below to see the possible cause. 


When your dog’s teeth are left unbrushed for an extended period, an accumulation of bacteria and plaque develops a foothold. If your pup’s dental problems are left chronically untreated, your dog’s bad breath may develop into a more serious life-threatening illness. As responsible pet parents, it’s up to us to maintain the health of our pet’s gums and teeth. Below include a few common reasons why your dog has bad breath:


It’s cute when your dog licks your face, but when your little pup is suffering from bad breath, that lick could be quite an unpleasant experience! Bad breath in dogs is a widespread problem that is typically caused by an accumulation of bacteria and plaque. If the symptoms are left unchecked for an extended time, the bad breath can manifest into something more severe. As responsible pet owners, we want to make sure our pets maintain a healthy disposition. Below are a few common factors that can cause bad breath in pups: 


  • Gum disease: If plaque is never removed, the buildup of bacteria will cause your dog’s gums to become inflamed and will begin to show signs of receding. If your dog’s gum disease is severe, there is a possibility the bacteria will enter the bloodstream and spread the infection to other parts of the body. 


  • Gut microbiome: An unhealthy gut and oral microbiome can result in bad breath. A dog’s oral and gut health are very interconnected, and when bad bacteria is present in the mouth, your dog’s gut may also be host to other troublesome bacterial invaders. As bacteria grow and thrive - gas is released which can be absorbed into the bloodstream and ultimately exhaled, causing awful breath. 
  • Diseases: Many diseases may be the cause of your dog’s bad breath. If your pup has rancid breath, ask your vet to check for: liver disease, diabetes, and kidney disease. 


Treat Your Dog’s Gum Disease At Veterinary Care Unlimited

First and foremost, to best protect your dog from the pains of gum disease: ensure you are regularly brushing your dog’s teeth. Dental chew toys can also be an effective alternative. And finally, be sure to schedule regular visits with your veterinarian to further help ensure your companion is growing healthy and strong. If you are looking for a trusted pet clinic, look no further than Veterinary Care Unlimited. We can take care of your dog’s mouth aches. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!


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