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Signs Your Pet Needs Urgent Care


One of the most stressful situations is seeing your pet struggling and not knowing what to do. It’s important to know ahead of time what the cautionary signs and behaviors are and whether they are critical enough that we need to take them to urgent care. Some of the signs that your pet needs urgent care include: 

  • Difficulty going to the bathroom: If your pet has trouble going to the bathroom, then this could be the sign of an infection or something blocking the passageways. In these situations, visit an urgent care immediately.
  • SIgns of blood: A cut here or there might be okay, but if your pet is bleeding from an open wound or has blood in their urine or stool, contact your vet immediately. Open wounds that are left untreated can become infected and lead to more problems down the line.
  • Disorientation or non-responsiveness: This could be the result of high blood pressure, dehydration, or even a concussion. If your pet is disoriented and is having trouble standing up or is not responding to you, you must visit an urgent care immediately.
  • Traumatic accident: A pet involved in a traumatic accident such as getting hit by a car should see an urgent care immediately. The vet will be able to see if there’s any internal bodily damage that may have occurred and will provide guidance on whether your pet needs surgery and advanced care. 
  • Breathing trouble: Rapid and shallow breathing or wheezing can indicate a lung issue or other serious problems. Breathing issues need to be looked at quickly because of the severity of the issue.  

In addition to catching the signs that your pet needs urgent care, knowing exactly who to turn to in these situations can be the difference between life and death. If you’re in the Ozone Park area, come to Veterinary Care Unlimited and we’ll provide relief to both you and your pet in uncertain times.

We provide quality care when your pet needs it most

Finding quality care when your pet is facing an emergency can be a daunting task. Luckily, Veterinary Care Unlimited offers high quality care when your pet needs it most. While we are not available 24/7, we always do our best to provide emergency services for pets during our normal business hours. In addition, we are open on Saturdays and Sundays for those times when your beloved companion needs help on the weekend. We also offer extended hours on certain weeknights. If your best friend requires urgent care in the Howard Beach, Ozone Park, or Richmond Hill areas, contact us and we will work your pet into our schedule.

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